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There are the people who might have failed in British citizenship test. The main reason behind it, is the lack of preparation and guidance. It's totally up to you that how do you prepare for your exam. We can help you by providing our 1400+ question-answers for your life in the UK test preparation which boost your confidence level.
» How to prepare for my Life in the UK TEST?

Read our book STUDY NOTES in detail and do lots of practise on our question master.


» How many questions you have and of what types.

We have collection of 1400+ questions with mainly 3 types of questions.

1. Select one answer from four options.

2 Select two or three answers from four option.

3 Decide that the given statement is True or False.

» How many types of practise tests are available.

We have designed the tests to practise Chapter wise as well as Question Type wise. You can practise as per Chapters 2 to 6 and again sub devided as per question types.

We have also Random Tests. Once you are confident with all the chapters, you can then practise Random Tests. Random test is having questions from all the chapters and with all the question types.

» What is the pass mark?

In the actual test pass mark is 75%. But here at www.naturalisationtest.co.uk we have decided to keep the pas mark as 80%. You may feel difficult in the biginning but it is very helpful in overall achievement and boosting your confidence. Once you are confident that you can pass with 80% in our system, then you can definately pass with 75% in real test.


» Will I get my result sheet after the test?

Yes, you will get your result immidiately after the test, on screen as well as in the email for your future reference.


» I've failed the test. Can I take it again?

You can practise all the tests as many times as you want.  
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